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Depending on the automation version Standard, Auto or Server , MadeToPrint allows either manual, hot folder or fully automated print and export from a design document to one or more output targets. It saves design time and reduces human errors while working with layer-heavy documents. Logical layer views help to streamline working with documents that contain multiple language versions, regional variants or different editorial content. In packaging environments, you can clearly differ between multiple technical as well as various design layers. MadeToCompare excels in detecting and conveniently visualizing even the minutest differences between document versions. This way, it makes it easier and quicker to find, edit and correct text passages and individual words. This offers a high level of accuracy, peace-of-mind and considerable savings of time and cost. Once upgraded, the old Adobe CC version may no longer be used. So, for example, new MadeToPrint CC customers will get the next Adobe CC upgrade for free, but further upgrades will be charged with an upgrade fee.

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