A look at running older versions of Adobe Creative Suite on Windows 10 - CS4

Adobe CS6 Production Premium introduces a sleek, fresh editing environment in Premiere Pro — the hub of your post-production workflow. Freely iterate creative ideas with the new Content-Aware family of technologies in Photoshop Extended and with new 3D advancements in After Effectswhere the Global Performance Cache lets you work as fast as you can think. New components — Adobe Preludea logging and ingest tool, and Adobe SpeedGradefor color grading and finishing originally published by Iridas — offer superior solutions to common production challenges. Adobe Audition adds dozens of enhanced editing features and support for control surfaces so you can produce audio more efficiently. From planning to playback, CS6 Production Premium gives you tools that help your workflow. Play clips directly in the Media Browser. Now you can beat deadlines instead of waiting for frame updates. Photoshop imaging magic — Retouch images with the new Content-Aware family of technologies. Creative tools in After Effects — Extrude fully ray-traced text and shapes natively while adding reflections, environment maps, and more. Track elements in 3D space with depth creative suite 6 production premium field, shadows, and reflections, and creative suite 6 production premium 3D track points to 2D footage. SpeedGrade for crafting the perfect look — Manipulate light and color. Broad format support includes raw, HDR, and stereoscopic. Faster audio editing in Adobe Audition — Get high-performance and intuitive audio editing. Powerful new tools such as automatic audio alignment, real-time clip stretching, pitch and speed control, and control surface support help you deliver projects faster. Logging and ingest in Prelude — Ingest nearly any file-based format and begin logging immediately with searchable temporal markers creative suite 6 production premium flow through post-production, enabling you to work faster and stay organized.

creative suite 6 production premium


Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium

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