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Then a company to make these, called 3D-Robotics. And today we have two factories, one in San Diego, one in Tijuana; 45 employees; just raised a 45 million dollar capital round; and we put more drones in the air every year than the entire U. military fleet. And this is like, literally, 4 and a half years after playing around with my children. 16:53 Russ: Now, it's a great story. If it had happened 50 years ago, or 30 years ago, a person-and you talk about this in the book-you have an idea.

You are an inventor. But the next leap from inventor to entrepreneur, 50 years ago, 30 years ago, was very difficult. What people typically did was license their idea or their prototype to a large factory. And that's not what you did. So, give us some of the steps of how this maker-revolution, this desktop revolution interfaced with your desire to make better drones that would be powered by robots. Guest: Yeah, exactly. So, as you say, the old model was that you could invent, but you couldn't manufacture.


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