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The doctor is an icon for organic products and herbal supplements, a media darling, and a self-appointed leader of the alternative health movement. As if all that were not enough, Weil also has his own private medical practice, and is a proud graduate of Harvard University.

Nowadays, one cannot stroll the aisles of most health-related retailers without seeing his face. These may be tough times for the rest of us, but business is great for Dr. Weil. At the beginning of his career, Weil lived on a South Dakota Indian reservation, where he studied herbal medicine and ritualistic healing with a Lakota medicine man named Leonard Crow Dog.

In his 1972 book, The Natural Mind, Weil demonstrated his shaman influence by criticizing American drug policy, and revealing his fondness for states of altered consciousness induced by psychedelic drugs, hypnosis, and meditation. The backdrop of Dr. Weil's allopathic medical heritage causes us to wonder if he may be covertly aiding allopathic medicine by very publicly practicing alternative medicine in a manner which ultimately discredits it.

He has been placed in an excellent position to do this by the long-standing enemy of alternative medicine, the mainstream media, whose funding from the pharmaceutical industry exceeds that from all other sponsors combined. We have been flabbergasted at how big media companies are so willing to aggressively promote Dr. Weil, when they have historically had a policy of Buy Cheap - Illustrator CS6 Essential Training, suppressing, and marginalizing natural therapies.

Our skepticism about the M. is founded upon an unmistakable pattern that is exposed herein. General Sun Tzu knew that the surest way to destroy any enemy was from within, by undermining it with trickery and treason.

The safest, and easiest route Buy Cheap - Illustrator CS6 Essential Training our publication would be, of course, to simply look the other way, as all of our cowardly peers have done. We are, however, striving for significantly higher journalistic ethics. To contrast the difference, Time Magazine featured Dr. Weil not once, but twice on the cover of its magazine; for issues which were dedicated to him. One of the articles confessed that Time Magazine was a partner corporation of Time New Media, Buy Cheap - Illustrator CS6 Essential Training was bargaining with Weil for an affiliation contract.


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