Configuring a DAW

The go-to software for professional audio editing and processing with added flexibility and power. Steinberg WaveLab 6 music software is the all-in-one solution for professional mastering, high resolution multichannel audio editing, audio restoration, sample design, and radio broadcast work. WaveLab features sample-accurate stereo and multi-track audio editing combined with an impressive set of tools that expedite your workflow. In sum, WaveLab is the most powerful and versatile mastering application on the market today and combines the facilities of many other products within one, intuitive, flexible application. WaveLab 6 from Steinberg is the all-in-one solution for professional mastering, high-resolution multi-channel audio editing, audio restoration, sample design and radio broadcast work, right through to complete CD/DVD-A production.5/5. wavelab free download - and many more programs. Results for wavelab. Reference Track - A/B Comparison. WaveLab 10 introduces a new track type in the Audio Montage workspace, the Reference Track. This allows you to add a reference audio file and switch playback between the reference track and the montage tracks that you are working on, without any glitches or .



Basic Mastering in Wavelab 6

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