UNEXPECTED COSTS ~ Big ticket design software versus alternate methodologies

Follow Not twenty years ago, if you wanted to start your own firm, you could do so on a Mayline drafting board in your basement. Sharpen your lead holder, unroll a length of vellum and you were ready to go. There were no promises of your skill or success but the tools were within reach. Today, my partner and I sit on our couch as we write up a wishlist of basic softwares we might need for a fledgling practice: Meanwhile, a small house addition and competition briefs await on the coffee table. We click around on the internet for single-use licensing costs, tally the price tags, and the bottom line drops like an anvil: Much has been written lately, mostly about other industries, on the unequal access that unpaid internships afford. Affluent students who have the ability to spend summers working for free start out their careers with connections and experience with which their less well-off peers struggle to compete.

Cost Effective Purchase of Revit Architecture 2011 for students?

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