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Last Updated: Keep up the great work! I must say it's worth every penny: Great SW, thanks for it. The program has a very fair price, I get to own my copy of the software, the license is very good. Most of all, it has every 2D tool I needed with a few surprises and a scripting interface for making my own routines. This is how software should be designed and sold. I find this model far more honest and fair than other CAD vendors.

A job well done. Please, thank your programmers and staff for their work here. I always saw QCAD as a free but limited alternative to the big name software. Now I am hooked. QCAD is my go-to design software. The new overlays are great for what I am working on digitizing old boat building plans and I can't wait to use the new morph tool to automate airplane wing ribs. Bravo on a great product.

I love QCAD. I have a lot to learn. But very happy I went this route QCAD is awesome. Its easy to learn and I use it daily. I'm glad that I purchased it. It feels more intuitive and simpler to use, yet powerful. Thank you! The book is one of the best pieces of documentation I have. I have to say that with little self-tuition I am now producing work if not faster and easier than when using AutoCAD. There are a few niggles as there was with AC but the work around's are simple.

After just a few minutes on the free version I purchased the program. Many thanks to the team for a job well done. Nice One!! Best money spent for a great package. Thanks again and keep up the great work. Very very very very impressed. Beats so many other CAD programmes! With all of the APIs available via JavaScript, it seems like a very flexible and developer-friendly product, which has really made it very easy for us to achieve our goal.

The software is great and I have become quite proficient in just a short period of time after having almost now experience with a CAD program. The user interface is really simple to use allowing me to produce DXF's quickly from the start.

Thanks a lot! I used to work with AutoSketch 8. This no longer works on Windows Switching succeeded quite easily. Congratulations and thank you for your product. It is a fantastic system. Super easy to use and perfect, fast results. I tested many CAD programs in the last few month. QCAD is the best one for many reasons. Cannot fault it and I am using the basic version. You must be congratulated for having designed such a good program full of features and precision.

And free of charge. Wow, I can't believe it. Well done! The structure of the tools and also the shortcuts and the resulting operating speed is excellent and for a 2D program, in my opinion, unbeatable. There are some very powerful commands within this program that are going to be fun to use.

Those of you who wrote and are working on updating the program, my congratulations on a job well done. The cost of the program and manual are pretty much insignificant compared to the value I'm getting for the program.

After some days working with it, I am very happy. I think it is a very easy and useful CAD program, I like it. Thanks, a lot. Thank you for producing some really excellent software.

An interface that has enough information, without 'turning user's off'. For a CAD programme, it's easy to use.

I love it. Well concipiated and executed. The customer support is second to none and the resources available are just great. The QCAD book which is sold separately, is again at such a reasonable price and is a constant reference source for me and believe me I use it often. I think the interface is simple enough even for the novice, yet it has incredible power when you need it.

I've been using it for almost 2 years as a professional and it changed the way we work. The scripting facility is amazing: Thank you for your excellent work, keep at it! The book is one of the best technical manuals I have read. Everything is explained in simple language and, most important of all, there is no ambiguity. The program is first class. It does everything I want and is simple to learn and use. From getting the software and book to designing large, complex items took me 4 weeks.

The price is excellent. I couldn't afford to pay the 'normal' prices the big companies charge so buying QCAD was the way in for me. I recommend this totally. I'm trying the CAM package next. I am a highly satisfied customer. It's powerful simplicity is amazing. Just to try it out: We are VERY pleased. With the constant improvements, it is better every time.

And everything I 'sketch' is to scale as an added bonus. QCAD has become an extension of my thinking! I love it! Everything appears to work perfectly and I am delighted. I have been very impressed with its abilities, despite its apparent simplicity and relatively gentle learning curve. The ability to create pdf files using the freeware driver makes it simple to send drawings to customers. The only disappointment has been the libraries: I have not found the electrical symbols I needed, but perhaps I haven't spent enough time looking.

I just bought the commercial version. I used the Debian package to design a new type of bed frame as a way of exploring CAD after many years using a drafting machine. I downloaded and compiled the source on my Fedora box a few weeks ago, and I just finished using it to redesign my kitchen.

Also, I just purchased the Professional edition on your web site; it's the least I can do to support your efforts. I hope you'll continue to be a proponent of the Open Source movement, and I applaud your work.

You have done an outstanding job on the program. I have been trying to move my engineering company completely off Win 98 and onto Linux. On Win98, I use TurboCad 3. As you remarked, each version got more complex, slower, and more confusing.

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