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Academy A world of WaveLab applications WaveLab is widely known in the audio industry as a professional mastering application, but it is so much more. Read on to discover the many applications where WaveLab excels The best audio editor WaveLab offers a wide variety of specialized editing functions. Both destructive and non-destructive editing are available, allowing you to choose which is more appropriate for your project.

High-resolution spectral editing allows you to precisely target certain frequencies and see unwanted noises, to very neatly remove them. You can also edit the just the left, just the right or both channels of a stereo track at once.

WaveLab includes a large selection of plug-ins for audio processing, you can seamlessly use third-party VST plug-ins and even integrate external effects devices to extend its capabilities. Error detection and correction can be carried out within WaveLab and all editing functions are carried out via a highly intuitive user interface, with tools arranged in a very clear and meaningful way.

Advanced audio analysis WaveLab features the most advanced audio analysis tools available to the professional sound industry. A comprehensive range of meters — including peak level, loudness errors, phase, spectrum and bits — ensures that you always get an incredibly accurate view of the sound you are working with.

Law enforcement agencies and accident investigators use WaveLab to forensically analyze audio recordings, highlighting how it benefits a remarkably wide range of users.

With error detection and error correction functionality built in, WaveLab is the one-stop answer to restoring and improving all types of audio. Industry-leading batch processing WaveLab has an entire workspace dedicated to batch processing, which can be a huge time-saver for audio professionals. With a vast array of plug-in effect and high-quality processors to select from, you can create many different plug-in collections and render many files in different formats in one go.

You can also create watch folders with predefined processes, formats, plug-ins or any other kind of audio file handling and, without even having to open WaveLab, you can drag files into that folder on your desktop to process them all automatically and in one go. Metadata editing WaveLab features very comprehensive and flexible metadata editing capabilities, which can be utilized regardless of use case, source material or end result.

As well as the full range of metadata codes — including ID3 v1 for MP3 files and v2 which conform with iTunes standards — lyrics and pictures can be added to the metadata of each file. WaveLab comes with metadata presets that can be edited and used to create your own presets. These can then be saved and applied to audio files, using batch processing to save time. Sound design WaveLab is a fantastic tool for sound designers, not only because of its industry-leading audio analysis, editing and restoration functions, but because its advanced processing tools make it a great solution for capturing samples and creating loops.

These ensure that the audio files are in peak condition before importing them into a sampler or soft synth. WaveLab can also automatically split a number of multi-samples recorded in one go, to create individual files. There are many parameters available for splitting, editing, naming, looping and much more, letting you create samples quickly and easily, without the mechanics of sample creation getting in the way of your creativity.

Recording WaveLab supports both stereo and multitrack recording, making it the ideal tool for a wide range of recording situations, including the studio and on location. Perfect for podcasts: Nowadays a major part of audio broadcasting, WaveLab has a dedicated podcast workspace for recording, organizing episodes and preparing them for publishing.

Archiving analog recordings: Many institutions use WaveLab to digitize historic recordings for future generations to enjoy. A high-profile example is the British Library.

Reading aloud: Location recording: WaveLab allows interviews to be recorded and then prepared for broadcast or online publishing immediately, without having to use a different system or software. Wavelab Pro

Steinberg Announces WaveLab Pro 10, WaveLab Elements 10 Mastering Software

WaveLab - The number one mastering software. Mastering is one of the most important parts of the music production process. It is a unique art and, for 25 years, WaveLab has been the number one choice for mastering professionals. Wavelab, free and safe download. Wavelab latest version: A trial version Audio program for Windows. Wavelab is a trial version software only available for Windows, being part of the category Audio. Get WaveLab LE for free! This easy-to-use mastering and audio editing software turns your computer into an audio analyzing, editing and publishing studio. WaveLab LE at a glance. Edit your recordings like the pros. WaveLab is the first choice for mastering engineers around the globe. The LE version of WaveLab provides an insight into the.

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