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Click three adjacent vertices on the target object that pertain topologically to the three vertices you selected on the source object. Click three adjacent vertices pertaining to the first three vertices in the new vertex order you want to establish. For more information, see Dependency graph. Each node consists of specific information and actions associated with that information. One way to think about a scene in Maya is that it is a web of nodes. In general, you can apply as many deformers to an object as you like. For example, if you create order Autodesk Maya 2017 bend deformer and then create a sine deformer, the result is different than if you first created the sine deformer and then created the bend deformer. To view the dependency graph, you can use the Hypergraph. The order Autodesk Maya 2017 created first act on the original shape first, and the deformers created last act on the original shape last. Rather than reordering vertices manually, you can transfer the vertex order from one object to another using the Transfer Vertex Order command. Input nodes are nodes that can be evaluated before the node itself is evaluated, and Output nodes are nodes that can be evaluated only after the node itself is evaluated. Select the Reorder Vertices command. You can change the vertex order using the Reorder Vertices command. The Reorder Vertices command stays active until you order Autodesk Maya 2017 to a different command or tool, so you can keep experimenting with new vertex orders until you achieve the order you want. At any moment, what you see in the workspace is the result of how Maya is continuously evaluating the web of nodes that order Autodesk Maya 2017 and comprises your work. To transfer vertex orders from one mesh to another Delete the history of both objects involved in the transfer. Maya reorders the rest of the vertices based order Autodesk Maya 2017 the initial path you set up. In the dependency graph, the original undeformed shape node nurbsSphereShapenOrig would follow immediately after the make node makeNurbSpheren.

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