Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 Photo Editing Software for Windows & Mac OS

Photoshop elements: It is the light weight version of Photoshop. Features and tools are same in both versions. Photoshop has more extra tools. Some of them are listed below. These features are not included in Photoshop elements. Full bit RGB. Video editing. You need to buy Premier elements along with Photoshop elements for video editing.

Auto align and auto bend layers. Channel Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 extended price and Channel mixer. Slice Tool. Automatic lens correction. I have listed only some of the extra features in Photoshop. It has many more extra features than Photoshop elements. You can see more features in this Adobe forum topic.

At the same time there are some extra features in Photoshop elements which are not available in Photoshop. Like Powerful organizer, smart brush toll, cookie cutter tool,etc. Photoshop elements is more than enough for entry-level designers. I use Photoshop elements to design images for my blog. You can do every thing with Photoshop elements.

If you want to edit videos, you need to buy premier elements along with Photoshop elements. Adobe has too many plans which confuses buyer. You need to decide, what is your purpose and which plan you need. It is best to buy this pack. You can choose monthly plans.

It has different plans. Remember price may vary at any time. Best part about discounts of Adobe products is, you need not to search any where for latest offers. Adobe itself created offer page. They will update their offer page with latest available offers and discounts. If you want to buy Adobe product, first check their offer page for available offers. Then only buy product. Always Photoshop is the best. Even if you are going to choose your careen in designing, you can Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 extended price Photoshop elements for Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 extended price purpose.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 extended price

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