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Now Andy lectures at Stanford Macpaw Hider Price Tag Berkeley, he is engaged in new projects, one of which is a Ukrainian IT-recruiting company. UA Editor talked with Andy about what it was like to work with Jobs, why he decided to leave his career in Apple for a startup and why he chose Ukraine for doing business. At Apple Macpaw Hider Price Tag was around 13 years in product design division in California. I worked on both the iOS and Mac product range, heavily focusing on materials and material development, also on sustainability, removing toxic chemicals, finding substitutes, making more energy efficient, more recyclable versions. At the time we were the first company to deliver green environmental performance through product design. This is something Steve Jobs Macpaw Hider Price Tag I worked closely on, when the rest of the industry was focusing mainly on environmental housekeeping. So we decided to focus our best engineering efforts on making products greener. How did it feel to work with them?

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