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This mode includes several behind-the-scenes tools and an automatic set up. Present Online appears as the equivalent of Broadcast Slide Show, with the added option of letting people download your presentation. Note than if you enable this feature, they will be free to navigate through the presentation at their own pace while you are presenting! There is a great variety of templates: Business, Education, Nature, Medical, etc.

Getting started Getting started with Microsoft PowerPoint is easier than ever thanks to its redesigned Start UI, in which the user is able to choose from a good number of new templates and variants, as well as seeing some layout previews. In relation to this, we must highlight that this software includes a variation of built-in themes, with changes in colors and fonts. When it comes to inserting pictures, now you can choose whether to source them from your hard drive or from your cloud folders.

Regarding the capability of inserting pictures obtained from the internet, we must say that the possibilities has been widened if you log in your Microsoft account. And the same happens when you save your presentations; you can choose whether to save things locally or in web services such as SkyDrive or SharePoint.

One of the most outstanding enhancements of Microsoft PowerPoint has to do with the Presenter View. Here are 2 tips to help you make your heading look its best: Make the text box larger: To fit as much text on a line with the largest possible font, you can make the text box bigger. The text box can overlap the border, because its own border is invisible. Wrap the text where you want: Too often, you end up with 1 word on a 3rd line.

Or the words wrap at a place that looks awkward or even makes the meaning unclear. Pressing Enter starts a new paragraph, which may add too much space between the lines. To add a flair, insert some text at an angle and use white text on a solid background. The latter uses a lot less ink than making the entire poster a solid color. Here are the steps: Insert a text box and type your text.

Format the text as described for the heading. From the Format tab, choose Shape Fill and choose a color. If your text is that color, it will disappear.

Select the text. From the mini toolbar, choose a font color that shows up well against the fill color. You can use a text box, but for a more graphic, colorful look, I suggest SmartArt. The Insert a SmartArt Graphic dialog box opens.

Choose a SmartArt layout. For a simple list of items, try the List category. I chose Horizontal Block List. The SmartArt appears on the slide. Adjust the size by dragging on the corner or side handles, but remember that you can make adjustments later. I recommend using the text entry area to the left of the SmartArt. The reason for this is that some SmartArt requires sub-bullets to fill in the appropriate boxes, as you can see at the in the figure.

To create a sub-bullet, press the Tab key on your keyboard; that indents the text. Choose a set of colors that works for your poster.

Resize the entire SmartArt diagram using the corner or side handles until it fits your layout. You may have to resize the font. Remember that a poster needs large print so people can read it on a bulletin board, but not necessarily as large as you would use for a presentation that you display on a screen for a large audience. Ungroup it! Right-click its border and choose Group, Ungroup.

Then ungroup it a second time. PowerPoint tip: A new feature lets you more easily make objects equidistant. So, if you created individual objects rather than SmartArt like the 3 boxes below, space 2 of them the way you want them and then drag the first approximately into place. Here you can see the equidistant markers. Add an image Images attract attention! For example, did you take photos of the event last time?

Can you take some photos of people at work? To find photos, follow these steps: The Insert Pictures dialog box opens. If you have photos on your computer, instead, choose Pictures in the Images group. In one of the categories, search for the image you want. I entered child office photo and child computer photo in the Office. In PowerPoint , you need to use the word photo when you search to exclude line art.

Press Enter to search. Click the image you want and click the Insert button. To resize, use the corner handles and drag in or out. Never use the side handles, because that distorts the photo. Add tear-off strips at the bottom of the poster Some posters have tear-off strips at the bottom, so people can take a phone number or e-mail address home with them.

Tear-off strips are typical for personal posters offering something for sale or for rent. To add tear-off strips, follow these steps: Start by drawing a horizontal line about 2 inches from the bottom of the poster. Go to the Home tab and choose the Line icon. To make it perfectly horizontal, press the Shift key as you drag. To create the first vertical line, draw a vertical line from the horizontal line to the bottom of the poster, about 1 inch from the left side of the poster.

The location will depend on how much text you want to put on the strip and how many strips you want. Choose one of the dashed line options, as you see on the right. Insert a text box near the bottom of the slide. Type the content you want for your tear-off strip. This text can be 12 or 14 points high. With the text box selected, put your cursor over the green rotation handle and drag around so that the text is sideways. Resize the text box to fit the text and move it over the left-most strip.

Use the arrow keys to move them up and to the right where the second strip will be.

Jan 31,  · Does the office powerpoint download cost? If so, how much? I need to work on a algebra powerpoint so I wanted to download it, but don't want to pay for something I will only use once. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Feb 01,  · Best Answer: about dollars for mircosoft home and student. But for college student you can get microsoft office ulitimate for a 91% saving which leaves it at about 60 dollars. You WILL need to use your college e-mail and I would highly suggest you read every word of am I Resolved. Office Home Premium, which costs $ per year -- or $10 per month -- includes the right to install a top-end edition of Office or the business-esque edition of Office for Mac , on up Author: Gregg Keizer.

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