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BTW, since I had just installed Mint Xfce, I elected to install Mint KDE on the whole hard drive and then install Mint Xfce alongside it. That installer is a bit more user-friendly. On the bright side, I've never really liked KDE, but I do like MINT.

I still think Xfce with the Mate menu is the best I've seen, but if KDE can be done well, I know you guys are the ones to do it. Thanks for your patience. Also, if you have a docking station with multiple monitors attached you'll can i just buy Ashampoo Music Studio outright?

need to install the NVIDIA driver to get your settings to can i just buy Ashampoo Music Studio outright? saved and re-used each time you start-up your computer. The Neauvou driver with the Monitors applet in System Settings didn't seem to want to save my configuration settings. One issue with the new KDE distro. I just noticed that I never see the grub screen on startup. If I already had windows installed in another partition would the default installer have enabled grub to let me pick which OS to start.

I will need that on my main computer which now dual boots mint 9 and win 7.

can i just buy Ashampoo Music Studio outright?


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