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Another scam is that the seller provides a hacked copy of the software. This can be even worse, because not only could it stop working any time, it might open you up to identity theft. Use only official Adobe disks or official Adobe site downloads. In my view, you are only safe when you use official products and you can see your serial number show up on your Adobe account online--but keep in mind that transfers can take a couple of weeks in some cases.

I would be especially wary of eBayers with brand new accounts selling Adobe products. Key Takeaways: And even if you get a currently working product key, unless it can be officially registered to you or transferred to you, so it shows up on your Adobe account, your product could stop working at any time.

To me, that product has a value of ZERO. A "Vol. This includes products across the spectrum, from Master Collection on down to individual products like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Dreamweaver. Official reference page for Transferring an Adobe Product License. Basically the seller creates a tech support case number and uploads a form.

Then the buyer creates another tech support case and uploads the form. Then Adobe will, at their convenience, compare the two forms, makes sure the seller is the registered owner, and then make the buyer the new registered owner.

There are similar pages for all the CS versions. All the above is "in my opinion" and not official Adobe information, but my opinion was shaped by lots of research and multiple purchases and multiple license transfer cases, some of which were legit and worked, and some of which were from sellers who were not the registered owners, and hence failed.

This list comes from http: Lightroom On October 18, , Adobe announced the releases of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC under a choice of Creative Cloud plans ; it was also announced that Lightroom 6 is the last version available through a perpetual license. Lightroom is the newer form that stores all of your images in the cloud; Lightroom Classic is the current version of the original Lightroom that stores all of your original images on your own local storage.

These versions have Creative Cloud-specific features, such as the ability to sync with Lightroom in the cloud and on other devices. These applications were formerly called Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC, but Adobe dropped the CC after it was no longer necessary to distinguish the subscription and perpetual license versions. The last perpetual license version of Lightroom was Lightroom 6. Introduced in , Adobe stopped selling it in Lightroom 6 will not receive any further major upgrades; the equivalent of Lightroom 7 was Lightroom Classic CC version 7 which is subscription-only.

Again, Adobe has stopped selling new or upgrade licenses for Lightroom 6 directly from their website. If you find a copy of Lightroom 6 and are thinking about buying it, keep the following in mind: Lightroom 6 is no longer supported or receiving updates, so raw files of newer cameras may not be supported.

The Lightroom 6 feature set is falling further behind Lightroom Classic. For example, it lacks features such as Dehaze and Texture, and does not include the performance enhancements and improved GPU support in Lightroom Classic. After November 30, , the live map view in Lightroom Classic 7. The live map view has been updated and continues to function in the current versions of Lightroom Classic version 8 or later and Lightroom version 2 or later.

At this point you can still buy Adobe Photoshop Elements as a stand alone product, but the other products that are in the creative suite are available exclusively as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. So if you want to use a fully supported version of Photoshop, Illustrator or any of the Adobe Suite other than Photoshop Elements you will need to go with the Creative Cloud.

Surprisingly, almost the same as the old CD Rom type software. Learn about SaaS. The biggest difference, is that users have the ability to share and access files online via the Creative Cloud. Get the full suite for a monthly subscription payment. This isn't financing - you aren't purchasing the software. You are simply buying monthly access to it.

No Upgrade Costs: All updates and new programs are automatically available at no extra cost. Access to Everything and More:


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