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User reviews What is CorelDraw? CorelDraw is an industry-acclaimed graphic design solution designed by the Corel Corporation a Canadian-based company. The application comes with a suite of innumerable, cutting-edge features that help users create beautiful photos, graphics, designs, and websites. Besides, the features are expertly crafted to meet the growing needs of customers across different industries. The suite provides an array of seven powerful solutions that support different types of innovations. Overview of CorelDraw Benefits Whether you are an experienced designer or a first time user, CorelDraw Graphics Suite provides tools that make it easy to get started. The suite provides versatile in-product learning and high-quality content that enable you to unleash your creativity right from the start. In addition, it offers a reliable workspace designed to match your workflow needs and help you to be productive. The suite is simply designed to help you personalize, craft, and delight your audience. Although the tool has innumerous features, it gives you the freedom to customize your design space. It allows you to create your ideal workspace with your favorite tools, custom desktop, icon size, and window border color. Moreover, the suite allows you to grow your collection of favorite tools by downloading premium plugins, apps, font packs, extensions, and more. CorelDraw also comes with an intuitive and high-caliber LiveSketch tool. This tool features a pen-enabled device which allows you to instantly capture your original idea when creativity strikes. It also makes an effort to save you more time, thanks to the search and filter feature that locates the ideal fonts for your projects. In a nutshell, CorelDraw Graphic Suite offers unparalleled color accuracy and flexibility required for professional quality output. It helps you to make lasting impressions with distinctive logos, striking signs, stunning marketing materials, social media graphics, and much more. Overview of CorelDraw Features Enhanced vector previews, handles, and nodes Prominent interactive sliders.

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