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Highlights included an innovative set of history-aware sculpting tools, a new draft analysis system z brush price 3D fabrication, and the option to sculpt or paint on the UV unfolded surface of a model. The new XTractor brush in use to duplicate sculpted scales across the surface of a fish model. Duplicate surface details with XTractor and XTractorDragRect Features on show included an interesting new set of history-aware sculpting features that enable a user to make changes to a sculpt according to the differences between two states in the Undo history.

Of those, the XTractor and XTractorDragRect brushes are primarily intended for duplicating smaller details, like skin pores or scales, across a sculpt. ZBrush then generates an alpha for that region based on the change in its surface geometry between the two Undo states, which z brush price then be used to paint the details across the rest of the model. At ZBrush Summit, the workflow was used to convert a single scale sculpted on the surface of a fish into a complete set of scales across its body.

The z brush price can also take RGB information from the selected region of a texture and convert it to an alpha that can be used for sculpting detail. HistoryRecall can be used to revert parts of a model to an earlier state: Revert changes or conform clothing with HistoryRecall The new HistoryRecall brush works in a similar way, but on a global scale.

With it, users can select the state of an entire model from the Undo timeline, then paint that state back over the current model. As well as being useful for partially reverting changes made to a sculpt over time, the brush can be used more creatively: Draw Draft Analysis colour codes parts of a model that will cause problems during injection z brush price.

New Draw Draft Analysis display option for 3D fabrication Artists working on models that will be fabricated physically get a new Draw Draft Analysis option. As with draft analysis systems in CAD softwareit is designed to identify and troubleshoot parts of a model that will cause problems during injection moulding. In order for the cast to pull away cleanly from the mould, its sides must be angled slightly, not parallel to the pull direction, or undercutting it.

When a user clicks the new Draw Draft Analysis button in the Transform palette, then sets a target angle, ZBrush displays those parts of the model that z brush price separate correctly in green. Parts parallel to the pull direction are shown in yellow, and undercuts are shown in red. The display updates in real time, so an artist can continue sculpting or make parametric changes to the model until all of the problem areas are resolved.

Users can edit the colours of a Polypainted sculpt from the Adjust Color preview window. New tools for adjusting colours of Polypainted sculpts New painting features include Adjust Color, which makes it possible to make quick global changes to the Polypaint colour scheme of a sculpt during look development. Accessed via a new Polypaint Color Utilities palette, Adjust Color pops up a preview window from which the hue, saturation or contrast of a selected colour can be adjusted.

A Mask by Color option makes it possible to create soft transitions between colours. Morph UV z brush price a model, making it possible to work directly on a flat, undistorted surface. Here, a single continuous seam is being sculpted up the inside of the arm and sides of the jacket shown in the image inset. Morph UV lets you paint or sculpt directly on unfolded models Another handy new feature that can be used either for painting or sculpting is Morph UV.

It unfolds the SubTool selected, making it possible to work directly on a flattened surface, avoiding distortion when projecting a texture onto the model using SpotLight.

Other suggested use cases z brush price making long strokes across the surface of complex models: Rather than an artist having to sculpt part of the seam, readjust the camera view, then sculpt the next part, Morph UV makes it possible to work in a single smooth continuous stroke.

The CamView widget at the top right of the viewport can be used to switch between orthographic views. When activated from the Preferences z brush price, it displays a 3D widget in the top right corner of the viewport that can be used to z brush price a model, or toggle between top, bottom, left and right z brush price. As well as adjusting the size of the widget, users can completely change its appearance: The new Fade Opacity slider adjusts the opacity of a texture being applied to a model.

Smaller workflow features plus a new Z Zoo library of readymade creature armatures Smaller changes shown during the presentation included the option to change the opacity of a reference texture being applied to a model to make it easier to see surface details while sculpting.

It will also be possible to choose whether the alpha selected z brush price a texture being painted onto the surface of a model — the current default behaviour in ZBrush — or not. Pixologic is also working on Z Zoo, a Lightbox library z brush price readymade ZSphere armatures that can be used as the basis for sculpts of an entire menagerie of real-world animals. The full z brush price of features currently in development for ZBrush, including some not shown at ZBrush Summit. Other features: The current version of ZBrush, ZBrush No information about the upcoming features at time of posting Share.

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