PRO11.msi file Missing, No CD, cant reinstall

I got Microsoft Office when I bought pro11.msi download for office 2003 computer. Still got suggestions???? As Speedy asked. Have you got the office cd?? Put it in the cd-rom. That'll have that file on it. The download site gives you the option to download the full install file it'll have fullfile in the name of the file you downloadpro11.msi download for office 2003 doesnt need the cd. If you have the Office CD and use it correctly then it may be that your Windows Installer is broken in which case we need to collectively fix that problem. I think you may have a problem with Windows Installer but I do not know. As you have not replied to Speedy Gonzales I can only think that you have no internet access currently, you have fixed the problem, your computer does not work any more because you were so frustrated and threw the same out a window or any of the above.

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