Review: Red Giant PluralEyes 3.1.1

Launch Premiere CC , and PluralEyes will then be listed under Window > Extensions. To connect PluralEyes to CS6, CC, or CC , follow these steps: First make sure you already have PluralEyes , Adobe Premiere Pro, and the Adobe Extension Manager installed. Start the Adobe Extension Manager. Sep 27,  · The new PluralEyes 3 takes the tedium out of syncing audio and video footage, accomplishing in seconds what used to take hours or days. Though it’s version #3, this is Red Giant’s first release of PluralEyes, since we acquired the technology. PluralEyes® saves hours in post-production for multi-camera edits, dual-system audio or multi-take workflows such as music videos. Jun 06,  · Pricing. IMPORTANT: Anyone who purchased DualEyes 2 or PluralEyes 2 (Windows or Mac) after March 17, is eligible for a FREE upgrade. A coupon code will be emailed to you shortly. Also, anyone who purchased PluralEyes 3 (Mac) gets Windows compatibility in this free PluralEyes 3 update – Get the free update HERE. That’s part of our .

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