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This switch allowed Macs to run native Windows based operating systems without the need for emulation software, such as Microsoft's Virtual PC. Recommendations when setting up Bootcamp, your VM or Parallels: We recommend installing Windows 8 or 10 as it has better graphics support, drivers and built-in prerequisites needed for Opticstudio.

Important note on Softkey licenses: Note on USB licenses: If you have a red or green USB license, no additional steps are required. Boot Camp vs. The user creates "virtual machines" that run on top of the underlying Mac OS. When using multi-core computers with virtualization software, you must specify the number of processors and memory RAM to allocate to the virtual machine during setup. Note that the virtual machine is sharing the computer's resources with the host operating system.

Generally the host is given priority for system resources. Boot Camp vs Parallels Desktop vs VMware Fusion As described previously, partitioning versus virtualization are two very different methods for running Windows on a Mac computer. One might reasonably expect a performance difference when running OpticStudio as a result. Although no comparable PC laptop was available at the time of the test, all else being equal, performance should be similar to running Windows with Boot Camp.

The two tests performed were designed to gauge the speed of sequential and non-sequential raytracing under each setup. The table below summarizes performance results. The results provided were obtained by averaging four runs. Sequential raytracing was compared using Setup The criteria was ray surfaces per second RSS and larger values indicate better performance. Non-sequential raytracing was compared using Analyze Trace Rays The criteria was raytrace execution time and smaller values indicate better performance.

Boot Camp 6.


How to Install Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac

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