Visual Studio 2013

New Features in Visual Studio and. NET Framework 4. NET 4. NET Framework. Visual Studio provides enhanced support for prototyping, designing, and modeling and improved testing tools that let developers build Windows, web, and cloud applications. In this article, I'll provide a high-level view of the top new features and enhancements in the Visual Studio IDE. I will also briefly discuss new features introduced in. You can learn more about the system requirements to install and run each edition of Visual Studio on the Visual Studio Compatibility page. After you have downloaded Visual Studio , you can start the installation after mounting the ISO file or unzipping the ISO file that you downloaded. Figure 1: Peek Definition lets you stay in the context of the code while you browse through your code in the Code Editor window. Figure 2: Figure 3: Support for JavaScript coding is also improved in Visual Studio in the form of a new identifier highlighting feature. This feature highlights all references to a variable or function call when you select the variable or the function call point in a source file. Support for Building Windows 8. Visual Studio also includes a new Cloud Business App template, powered by Visual Studio LightSwitch, which developers can use to build a SharePoint application that is integrated with Office

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