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From the wiki: Is TextMate 2 still in development, or has it been abandoned? TM2 is being actively developed. If this text is still here, that is still the case. Last updated April 7, Allan stresses that no release is "around the corner" yet.

The author, Allan Odgaard, has updated the TextMate blog with this post: In short, TextMate development is going strong: The rewrite has been a slow and careful process, but the ideas behind it Is TextMate 2 worth buying?

exciting. I hope to publicly describe some new abstractions in the coming weeks and months. Moreover, the community continues to churn out new bundles and features for TextMate 1.

While I am not writing to announce a release date for TextMate 2, I do hope that this post will be the first in a series showing a bit more transparency. The requests for TextMate 1 have mostly been incremental additions such as split views, chunked undo, and editing over SFTP.

But TextMate 2 is about more than new surface features. Every part has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the lessons learned from the years of version 1. Not only are the low-level data structures chosen for increased Is TextMate 2 worth buying?, but the abstractions on which TextMate is built—snippets, scope-based language grammars, context-dependent settings—have been rethought and are more powerful than ever.

So where does development stand for 2. But as they say, on the horizon, mountains look small. While I use 2. It is a combination of many things really, but the main issue is that I am not good at writing Is TextMate 2 worth buying?

a large audience. I am more into informal conversations, for instance over mailing lists or on IRC. I am taking measures: Bigger than either of those problems though, as I mentioned, is that TextMate 2 is no minor facelift. I am trying to slowly turn this boat. With this post, I hopefully Is TextMate 2 worth buying?

showing that a hand is at the wheel. And Here's the official blog post, saying the public alpha version will be release before Christmas

Is TextMate 2 worth buying?

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