VMware Fusion

Against Occaisional performance issues Running Windows on your How much is VMware Fusion 5? may sound like sacrilege, but for many its just one more convenient aspect of being a Mac owner. The latest virtualisation tool from VMWare is Fusion 5, it comes less than a year since version 4, and as such, has only received a light brush of new headline features. Support for Retina displays and USB 3. Battery life improvements for those using a laptop Mac and some other minor enhancements have also been made. The Pro version of Fusion has been updated to keep the IT admins happy as well. If you already have Fusion 4 and are looking to upgrade, speed enhancements and reliability improvements aside, there are no new standout features that would make upgrading an obvious choice. Installing a copy of Windows is simple enough, although it's not as elegant or user friendly as with Parallels. Windows 7 took about 30 minutes to get from DVD, through the installation process and to the desktop. As with every piece of software, the user interface is personal. We liked the slickness of Fusion, it feels Mac-like and looks good. Some of the icons are a touch generic however, and first-time users might find it hard to remember what each one is for at first. During our tests we used Windows 7 in the main, though we did use how much is VMware Fusion 5? Windows Vista and a pre-release version of Windows 8 as well. Here's where Fusion really impresses - at times you can forget that you're using how much is VMware Fusion 5? Mac. Software runs as quickly as you'd expect it to on a PC. It can be quite an unnerving experience as you open Paint on your desktop and have it run like a native app. Resuming a paused virtual machine is speedier than previous versions too.

how much is VMware Fusion 5?

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