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It is a compatibility issue. The Property Manager window will appear. Note that this is not Properties Window or Properties Pages.

If you do not see the Microsoft. Browse to the location which contains the MsBuild 4. On Windows 7 and Windows 10, it is typically: Select Microsoft. Now follow the steps above. To solve this: If any Fortran project is shown as a reference, click Remove Reference. Repeat this for all Fortran projects shown as a reference. Click OK.

Check the box for each project that is a dependent of this project. For example: To resolve this issue, select How much is the Visual Studio 2013 student software? preferred browser for the file type. You can still run analysis on range of lines, file or project. The issue is planned to be fixed in a future release.

The workaround is to open project from VS. The fix is already implemented and will be available in the next update.

Empty class view of Fortran Project User can encounter the issue with empty How much is the Visual Studio 2013 student software? view of Fortran Project. The workaround is to manually delete all existing intermediate files. In addition there is another issue that Fortran array values are not visible at a breakpoint.

Some components are left installed. This can cause an error if you uninstall Intel Fortran for Windows version Update 4 and then try to re-install Update 4 or later — the subsequent installation into Visual Studio will fail with an error message and leave you unable to re-install the compiler into Visual Studio Please refer to the article for more details.

Additional features will be supported in future releases. Features from the proposed Fortran standard supported by the current version include:

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