How to Upgrade your Autodesk Software to 2019

IIS hosts components known as. NET Web Services. The web services provide all the logic needed for the vault to operate. Web services communicate with the other components via standard HTTP methods.

Database Server—The database server stores all the metadata for the vault. The metadata stored in SQL is crucial to the operation of the vault. It maintains the file relationships for all the data in the file store. File Store—The file store is the secure location where files are stored. The file store and the database server work together, pairing metadata with actual files to provide all the data needed to do your work.

This location is controlled by Autodesk Vault. Never access or manipulate the file store directly. Instead, access the file store only through the vault clients, such as Vault Explorer or an application integration, explained in more detail in the next section. Likewise, perform file store maintenance only using Autodesk Vault Manager. Vault Clients A vault client is any application that connects to the vault server to perform vault operations such as Autodesk Vault Explorer or any of the application integrations.

Vault Explorer This application is a generic interface to the vault server. Think of it as you would any desktop explorer functionality. You can browse the complete vault structure, add any file to the vault, and perform just about any operation generically. Vault Application Integrations Most other integrations fall into this category. These clients provide two things: Direct access to the vault via the application More data knowledge to the vault when interacting with the vault server Autodesk Inventor relationships are one example.

When data is added to the vault using the Autodesk Inventor add-in, the vault maintains all the complex relationships that are created by assemblies, drawings, presentations, and so on. As a general rule, if an integrated client is available for a particular application, managing files using that client minimizes loss of data, such as the assembly relationships.

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