First Look: First Look: QuarkXPress 7

But smaller, less important issues have yet to be resolved. Now, XPress 8 can create, edit, hyphenate, spell-check, and output in some 30 languages, including Asian ones, ending the former linguistic divide. You can avoid using dialog boxes for most of your work. This, too, is a feature that typographic fine artists will appreciate but that most users will likely never have reason to take advantage of. Read our affiliate link policy for more details. Previous versions of QuarkXPress only let you save output styles for print jobs. Plus, these tools are now more flexible. QuarkXpress Beta details QuarkXPress 7 is a public beta, and not a completely stable release. How much is it for QuarkXpress? InDesign makes almost every feature available via panels, while XPress splits features between palettes and menu-invoked dialog boxes, which can make it hard to remember that some of those unseen dialog boxes, and their features, actually exist.

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