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View Educational Options and Teaching Resources Cinema 4D Educational Options and Teaching Resources This page is dedicated to educators in North and South America who are interested in teaching Cinema 4D and are seeking guidance to set up a teaching lab, find training material and obtain resources to establish a curriculum. The License Server can be installed on any computer at your institution and it does not require a designated How much does Cinema 4D R15 for students cost?. For a quick overview of how to install and utilize the License Server, check out these helpful video How much does Cinema 4D R15 for students cost?. Limited to educational use only. No functionality limitations. As with all educational software, this is a learning edition and the work created cannot be used for commercial purposes. For students and faculty who purchase this version, there are deep discounts on future releases of Cinema 4D should you wish to upgrade to a commercial license. Three-year runtime. This does not serve as a substitute for in-class educational lab seats but rather a free supplemental exposure of C4D for the students. Does not support 3rd party plugins or network rendering. The fastest way to apply for this unique program is for instructors to submit an online application at http: If you are new to C4D or need to update your skills, MAXON would like to suggest the following websites where you can find an abundance of information on Cinema 4D, or if you have a specific question, where to find personal training. Cineversity This is where you are! Cineversity focuses on bringing the widest variety of resources for learning Cinema 4D. Hundreds of video tutorials are free of charge and a premium membership opens up thousands more.


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