Fundy Designer v7 Review [Tech Tuesday]

While I took the time to learn and use this product myself, I do still believe in outsourcing your non-photography work. After hearing so much about Fundy's latest album designer update, I knew I had to give it a try myself. I knew with the Auto Design feature I could practically make the album in seconds, but could I make it and tweak it the night of a wedding? On my first attempt, it was literally the first time I ever opened the program. I had seen a demo once and that was all I needed to give it a try myself. Everything in Designer 7 is so intuitive Fundy Designer Reviews and Pricing there was hardly a learning curve at all. It only took about 20 minutes total time. Here's the final result: The second attempt I made sure I grabbed my second shooter's photo and edited a handful of them so Fundy Designer Reviews and Pricing could be completely done with the wedding album pre-design before we left the reception. It took just 18 minutes to design a page wedding album on Fundy Designer Reviews and Pricing spot. The best part about using the auto-design is that changing and tweaking what the program created is just as fast. It makes customizing the auto-design, or making client requested changes later, an absolute breeze. You can see the final design below. I do recommend giving it a quick pause right as I set up the auto-design. It's not immediately perfect but in one click it took about an hour away from the design process.

Fundy Designer Reviews and Pricing

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