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Carve out holes in the surface of the mesh by simply erasing any part of the masks; the surface at the center of ShadowBox updates instantly. Combine radial symmetry, your own custom alpha textures, reference images and masking curves to build complex forms in a matter of seconds.

ZSpheres ZSpheres allow you to quickly create a base mesh with clean topology, which can then be sculpted into any form. The power of ZSphere lies with in their simplicity. From a single ZSphere you can easily grow new ones, which can then be scaled, moved, and rotated into any form.

Now you can enjoy creating the geometry for your characters while posing in real time. Mannequins A good pose is the essence of a great composition. Use the Mannequin sample projects included with ZBrush to find just the perfect pose for single or multi-character models. The ZSphere Mannequins can easily be edited to fit any character or creature you need. In no time, you'll have established perfect visual harmony and you'll be on your way to sculpting a masterpiece.

Primitives One aspect of ZBrush's workflow is the ability to create extremely complex scenes by combining a bunch of smaller objects.

Ultimately, a scene could be composed of millions or even billions of polygons, yet still render in real time! Many of these complex 3D primitives ZBrush provides combine to produce a very powerful masking and deformation system that is unique to parametric objects.

This system allows you to create an endless assortment of complex shapes all from a single primitive. Sculpting 3D Brushes With over 30 startup brushes to sculpt with and the ability to create an endless assortment of your own custom brushes, it's easy to see why sculpting in ZBrush is not only powerful but incredibly easy as well. The wide range of brushes was created with real-world sculpting techniques in mind and the natural feel you get when sculpting millions of polygons is as if you were working with a real piece of clay, or wood, or stone.

SubTools SubTools permit a single model to be treated as many independent objects. SubTools increase the number of polygons you can work with by allowing each SubTool to have as many polygons as your system can handle. For example, if your system can handle 8 million polygons for one SubTool you can have a model equal to 32 million polygons by having 4 SubTools of 8 million polygons each. Artists are able to work with a model at many different stages of development simultaneously. Artists can add details such as a reptile's skin scales then turn those details off and refine the major forms underlying them.

If a director is calling for more damage on a piece of armor simply dial up the intensity of that layer. If you want to see that same mesh without any damage at all just turn that layer off. You can apply a rich variety of noise types directly to any surfaces regardless of polycount while maintaining the strength, size, and color of the noise you want to work with.

Transpose Creating realistic poses to abstract deformations has never been so easy. Transpose lets you quickly isolate parts of your model which can then be deformed, positioned, scaled and rotated with incredible accuracy. No need for complicated rigging or tedious painting of weights, just select and pose!

Achieve realistic muscle deformation as you bend a limb into a flexed position, then quickly return your geometry back to its original position. Transpose gives you the freedom to explore 3D sculpture in a new and natural way. These are 3D sculpts used as brush building blocks that will allow undercutting when drawing on a model's surface.

As an example, you can draw a nose complete with nostrils in a single brush stroke. Or an ear with complete front and back sides. Or a bent finger, scales with a raised angle or even an open mouth. All of this without lost depth or detail.

Alpha 3D Convert any sculpture or shape into a 2D alpha with the click of a button. Once the shape or sculpture has been captured, you can reposition, adjust, or even rotate the alpha to any axis. It's a fast and interactive way to create uniquely different alphas for surface sculpting.

Lazy Mouse 2. Now an artist can guide any stroke's angle and length before applying the result to the surface. You can even keep a stroke on a consistent elevation level with no buildup when the stroke path crosses back over itself.

Deformations The deformations features inside ZBrush allow you to easily apply twist, stretch, bend, and a variety of other unique changes to any 3D mesh. By using the power of ZBrush to deform millions of polygons with ease, you don't have to worry about how complex the shape you want may be. Just deform it any way you like! With the ability to divide your model up to a billion polygons, now your limits are based only on what you can imagine. You can focus your attention on a specific area of your 3D creation while ZBrush handles the rest of your model in a very system-friendly way.

This is why you can achieve a billion polygons without having to worry about purchasing expensive graphics hardware. ZBrush's powerful memory handling allows you to sculpt without limits!

MicroMesh MicroMesh will allow for ZBrush's rendering system to replace a generated FiberMesh or a model individual polygons with any other 3d mesh. That being said, you can already start to imagine the creative potential at hand.

This new feature will no doubt open doors to previously undoable operations and design elements. Now you can "grow" complex plants with the help of FiberMesh or place real scales on your creatures. Instances and Details With the NanoMesh and Array Mesh features, you as the artist can bring more complexity and detail to your work while still maintaining a low polygon count. Both NanoMesh and ArrayMmesh will allow for multiple instances of an object to be created and then adjusted in a matter of seconds.

Texturing Polypainting Polypainting allows painting on a model's surface without first assigning a texture map. A texture map can be created at a later time, and the painted surface can be transferred to the map. Polypainting offers significant advantages compared to standard workflow.

Spotlight The innovative SpotLight painting system enables image editing in ZBrush and then allows you to project the image to the surface of the model using the intuitive sculpting and painting brushes. These are 2D coordinates that tell all 3D applications how to apply a texture to your model. Until now, the process of creating those UVs has been a time-consuming challenge that requires a high level of technical expertise and has little room for creativity.

Additional control is possible using an extensive set of filters. Materials and MatCap In ZBrush, the appearance of any surface is affected by several things — it's base color, its texture image if it has one , the lighting that falls on the surface, and its material. The material changes the way the lighting reacts with the surface so that it may appear — for example — shiny, bumpy, reflective, metallic or transparent. There are many preset materials in ZBrush to give you control over a scene.

In addition, each material can be modified to create new materials. It is like having a displacement map without needing to actually create the map.

See extremely detailed results at render time regardless of polygon count. If you don't already own KeyShot 5 or if its price is simply out of your reach, a "special edition" KeyShot for ZBrush is also available. Movies TimeLine ZBrush includes an animation timeline allowing you to create moving turntables for your demo reel. Animate poses, store camera positions, sync your animation to music, import audio to test blend shapes and lip sync — all within ZBrush.

With GoZ there is no need to invest time in setting up shading networks for your normal, displacement, and texture maps. With a single click of a button, GoZ will transfer your mesh to a GoZ-enabled application of your choice and instantly set up all the appropriate shading networks for you. Upon sending your mesh back to ZBrush, GoZ will automatically remap the existing high-resolution details to the incoming mesh, even if you've significantly changed the topology in your other application!

Normal, Displacement and Vector Displacement You can create normal, displacement and vector displacement maps in ZBrush for rendering your model in other programs. Maps can be exported in a variety of formats and bit depths. Decimation Master Decimation Master allows you to greatly reduce the polygon count of a model while preserving the high-resolution detail.

By decimating your model your can reduce its polygon count to a level that can be handled by other 3D programs without sacrificing detail. Based on the power of the Pixol, ZBrush takes digital painting to the next level. Unlike ordinary pixels found in other 2D applications which contain only color and position information, ZBrush's Pixol contains color, position, depth, lighting, and material information.

PaintStop The PaintStop plugin configures your user interface and settings to give you the true-to-life feel of using real world art tools.

Are all Pixologic products still available as perpetual licenses? All Pixologic products are still available as perpetual licenses, regardless of whether subscriptions are also offered for that product. Is ZBrush the only Pixologic product available for subscription?

Our other products may be offered under this option in the future. Are subscriptions available as academic licenses? All subscription licenses are commercial licenses and may be used for any purpose.

Students are welcome to use a subscription or may opt to purchase a perpetual academic license. What is the difference between a subscription and perpetual license? When under a subscription, you pay a recurring fee in order to run the software. Subscriptions receive automatic upgrades as new versions are released.

Canceling a subscription will end your access to the software at the end of your current subscription period. Perpetual licenses have a higher cost up front, but no recurring costs. The software is yours forever. Free upgrades are guaranteed for at least one year from date of purchase but may continue past that at the sole discretion of Pixologic.

How long are your subscription options? We offer two subscription options, automatically renewing monthly or every six months until canceled. Are volume or floating licenses available for subscription? Subscriptions are only available for Single-User licenses. Volume and floating licenses remain available, but only as perpetual licenses.

When can I cancel a subscription? You can cancel at any time through the My Licenses web page. Your access to the software will continue until the end of your current subscription period, at which point it will not renew.

Although you will not be charged any additional subscription fees after the point of cancellation, all subscription fees are final. If you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to access the software for the remainder of your current paid subscription period. Do subscriptions rebill automatically? All subscriptions rebill either monthly or every six months, without prior notice.

You only need to take action if you wish to cancel your subscription or need to edit your payment information such as if your credit card is expiring. Can I use a Debit Card? Perpetual licenses can be purchased with a debit card. However, we are not able to accept this payment method for purchasing a subscription. You must use an actual credit card for this purpose.

Can I use PayPal? Perpetual licenses can be purchased with PayPal. However, we are not currently able to accept this payment method for purchasing a subscription.

You must use a credit card for this purpose. Do subscriptions require internet access? For the subscription system to function, ZBrush must be able to verify its status with the Pixologic server. While it does not require internet access every time it is launched, it does need to be able to call home at least once per month. Are subscription available for ZBrushCore? At this time, only ZBrush is available under subscription licensing. All other software remains available solely as perpetual licenses.

Discounted upgrades are only available for perpetual licenses.

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