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Can you sell enough product to multiply that number into a living. Unlike Tunesleeve, TuneUp is not only an album fine art downloader. Photoshop for Designers: Filters with Nigel French Filters are a part of Adobe Photoshop often misused or overlooked by designers. Author Nigel French teaches a creative approach to filters, explaining how to combine them both with other filters and with the Photoshop masking and blending tools for maximum visual impact. Layer Effects with Nigel French For the first installment of Photoshop for Designers, Nigel French shows how to create editable, non-destructive effects such as shadows, glows, and bevels with layer effects in Photoshop.

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A Microsoft Office Preview: We show you the new look and features of the world's most popular productivity suite. A ZIP file containing an extensive collection of image files may be downloaded with purchase. The images in this file allow students to follow the instructor step by step. Some students have reported that the course works best with Google Chrome. Monastra is very knowledgeable about Photoshop, but he is not an especially confident presenter.

His narration can be a bit choppy, and he sometimes stumbles when speaking. The pace of the course is fairly slow, which some students may prefer. Monastra keeps things simple by providing uncomplicated explanations of the various Photoshop tools and techniques. The SoundviewPro course requires an Internet connection and a computer, tablet, or mobile device to play the course videos.

There is no AutoPlay function; students must click each video title to watch them in order. To the right of each video is an embedded text box where students can take notes as they watch. While handy, this feature does not offer much of an advantage over, say, using a Microsoft Word document. All SoundviewPro courses can be paused, replayed, and revisited as many times as necessary.

A TIFF image file is included for editing practice, and a custom brush pack file is supplied for download. Overall, however, the course's supplementary materials are rather basic. Russell instructs dozens of other Pluralsight courses, too. It is clear from the start that he is a Photoshop expert, but his course is not flashy or overly complicated.

He is well-spoken and narrates the course at a comfortable, steady speed. The course comes with useful exercise files — the same ones that Russell uses in his tutorials — so students can follow along on their own computers. These vibrant, professional images allow students to practice layer styles such as Glow, Emboss, and Drop Shadow. Russell builds a solid foundation of skills and logically proceeds to more advanced topics as the course moves on.

The lessons are divided into manageable chunks of roughly 10 minutes apiece. Each lesson is razor focused; Russell doesn't veer off into overly advanced techniques or give unnecessary technical explanations.

He doesn't just tell you what buttons to push, either. For added reinforcement, each lesson ends with a concise summary of what was taught. Unfortunately, the videos sometimes need to buffer, which can slow down the pace of the learning.

The course is divided into many short lessons about four minutes apiece. Because of this, it's easy for students to reference specific topics as needed. Kost is a knowledgeable photographer and Photoshop user.

She is also an excellent teacher. Students should be able to replicate the manipulations and edits that she demonstrates. The keyboard shortcuts that she uses throughout the course are helpfully displayed onscreen for both Mac and Windows systems. A few of the videos are simply text bullet points with narration, which can become a little tedious for the viewer. However, most of the videos are dynamic demonstrations of what Photoshop can do.

The Lynda. You can watch the videos in small, large, pop-out, and full-screen play options; potential customers should note that the video quality of the pop-out screen is much sharper than the other play options. English closed captioning is provided, as is an AutoPlay function. Transcripts of every video are provided; as the video plays, the viewer can read the text of the narration onscreen.

Notes can be exported or downloaded for later use. Unfortunately, you have to be a premium member of Lynda. Premium members pay a higher monthly subscription cost. Instead, students purchase and download the courses as ZIP files. Potential buyer note: The files include tutorial videos, a Photoshop keyboard shortcuts PDF, a support PDF with written instructions and troubleshooting tips, and the image files used in the tutorials.

All downloads are conveniently stored on the Phlearn website, and students enjoy lifetime access to the tutorials.

The Phlearn courses are taught by company founder Aaron Nace. A friendly and dynamic speaker, Nace enjoys relating his own personal Photoshop experiences to students.

He is quite personable, and he isn't afraid to make mistakes. Sometimes, he actually encounters tools and options in the course of his teaching that he's never seen before! But but he clearly knows what he's doing, and it's fun to watch him manipulate images with a bit of his own humor thrown in.

This approach allows students to get familiar with the most commonly used tools while working with just one image. In this more advanced course, Nace teaches about useful and fun tools such as healing and spot healing brushes. He does a good job explaining when to use the different tools, and he mentions his own personal preferences based on his his extensive experience. Just as importantly, he admits that there are tools he almost never uses and thus doesn't feel compelled to explain in the course.

Overall, the Phlearn courses focus largely on retouching photos of people. A small criticism: Nace spends a lot of time listing Photoshop tools that you won't use — perhaps too much time.

Udemy's "Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC" is taught by Andy Anderson, a well-known educator in the fields of graphic design, photography, and computer science. How does each course work? He explains how using actions and batch processing can save time when working with multiple images, and he goes into detail about different file types and how to optimize images for the Internet, monitors, and different types of printing.

Anderson sensibly covers the basics before moving on to lessons about color balance, color cast removal, hue and saturation, and color swatches. The course covers blending modes, combining colors, layering, and the use of masks to control where adjustments are applied. The teacher includes a fun section on filters that add hundreds of specific and customizable effects. He also explores how blending aspects of images can change the overall perspective of an image.

Techniques for creating a greyscale and changing the contrast, hue, and saturation of images are also addressed. We appreciate the fact that Anderson strives to explain the science behind these adjustments! In this course, students aren't just taught to press a button to create sweeping visual changes; they learn to control Photoshop precisely.

The course may go into more detail than some people would like, but that's because Anderson is quite conscientious about presenting multiple creative options to students. Early on in the course, there are lectures about experimental features, linked smart objects, and color preferences, as well as entire sections about the Adobe Bridge organizational program and the more advanced Adobe Camera Raw plug-in.

With lifetime access to the course through Udemy, this broad focus is a good thing. Students can choose to skip over certain sections and watch them later on, when they feel more comfortable with Photoshop itself.

For the most part, the course lives up to this claim, but some of the lessons may leave absolute beginners feeling a bit out of their depth. It's important to note that basic computer skills are essential for this class, but no specialized skills are needed.

It's also important to note that the shortcuts and skills taught in this class would not just be helpful for beginners. Creative professionals and serious Photoshop users would also get a lot out of Anderson's course.

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The lawsuit includes news reports of other assault cases in which girls were contacted through MySpace. At this point, there is also some discussion of improving the clarity of old photos. The longest section of the course covers techniques related to image editing and retouching. This includes the use of healing and spot healing brushes, the patch tool, and the clone stamp tool — all of which have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The next section introduces more advanced options for brush use and how to lighten and darken images using the Dodge and Burn tools. A downloadable custom brush pack file is included with the purchase of the course. Instructor Stephen Monastra covers each of the course topics in sufficient depth; students should feel comfortable trying them out with the provided exercise file.

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