Nero Platinum Suite 10% Discount

Nero Platinum Cons Nero 15 Platinum is absolute garbage! Nero must have had focus groups to decide how much can they screw up their easy to use software, make it so it no longer auto-opens anything namely. Sad when software outperforms Nero Platinum Anyone who buys this is a fool, including me - consider yourself warned, I wish someone would have warned me! Summary In case you missed it: Read reply 1 Reply by hypercleats on April 24, Sounds like you don't know your way around Windows very well. Or you are a fairly lazy shill for a Nero competitor. You complain that Nero doesn't "auto-open" files for you, like. You have trouble understanding which programs in the suite do what, and it frustrates you because you have to "memorize" the names Nero gives to their programs.

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