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And why not? It had incredible quality while being relatively lightweight. MP4 ruled the majority of playback devices as it had an excellent balance of quality, file size and output. Soon, everybody started converting their favorite DVDs and videos to MP4 so they could watch it on their mobile phones, tablets and game consoles. Rated 1 in terms of quality and speed, MacX Video Converter can transform unsupported video files to ones that you can watch on all your current devices. What better device to watch your newly-converted MKV video than on a brand-new 4K television? Keep in mind that this offer is good for a limited time only. Features such as hyper-threading and GPU Buy Cheap Macx Video Converter Pro can make the MacX Video Converter run up to 47 times faster than the competition. High-Quality technology delivers outstanding quality output that you can enjoy, even on large displays and TV screens. Step 1. Otherwise, a batch conversion is the best option for multiple file conversions. Choose the subtitle, audio and video track you want to carry over to the MP4 file. Step 2. There are preset profiles as well, e. Step 3. Remember, the promotion lasts only until Buy Cheap Macx Video Converter Pro 5, so make sure to get your free copy before it ends.

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