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ACI Calculation note - names of bending moments for the buckling analysis are now compliant with the requirements code. BAEL91 mod. NS-EN It displays if combination data is incorrect and fire calculations cannot be completed correctly. RC Slabs D. IS Plate and Shell Reinforcement dialog - the issue preventing selection of the Grid type option and the Generation button has been fixed.

RC Foundations The issue causing changes in the pier dimensions while updating RC elements has been fixed. SS-EN Primary Issues Resolved by the Service Pack 1 and its hotfixes The following defects have been fixed in the Service Pack 1 and its hotfixes: General A crash while launching the software using a Guest Account on Windows system has been fixed. The message about accessing the autoarch. RTD files has been resolved.

A possibility to match a Revit Family to a section from a Robot database has been added. You can do it using a new Family Type parameter which is respected during a cloud analysis in the Structural Analysis for Autodesk Revit application. The reduction of results during a seismic analysis has been adjusted for cases when the structural ductility factor mi is different from 1. The display of results on maps for curved bent panels has been fixed. The display of diagrams for the seismic analysis in the calculation note has been fixed.

Steel Connections Design Column-Beam two-sided connection: Help has been fixed for the Connection Definition-CM66 dialog. The display of images in the calculation note on the Japanese version of the operating system has been fixed. The moment capacity value Mc in the case of a simply supported beam or a cantilever has been adjusted. EN The value of shear for the web stability under concentrated force during a detailed analysis of a beam has been adjusted.

Description of the web in plane stress for the z direction in the calculation note has been corrected. Composite Beam Design Extension: Problem with non-disappearing dialog in the other language versions of Robot than English has been resolved. RC Members Design RC Beam Lack of the beam verification and the incorrect AbrBr diagram due to the wrong detection of positions of reinforcement bars have been resolved.

The verification of shear strength of a spread footing due to stress taken from the opposite side of a column has been adjusted. It includes previous issuses from Service Pack 1 and its Hotfixes 1, 2 and 3: Basic columns and All columns are the default sets. You can define your own set with the Visualization of columns option. Press the Adjust column width icon to automatically adjust the width of the columns in the section data table.

The individual parts of the viewer, dialog, and table may be adjusted to your needs. The table may be separated vertically as well as horizontally using splitters. A vertical splitter is activated in the lower left corner of the table.

Vertical table division is synchronized in which records of the same line may be viewed. A horizontal splitter is activated in the lower right table. Horizontal division allows for undocked viewing and comparative examination of lines in the database. A section database allows the user to: Present the dimensions and section properties located in the selected section database.

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