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Reminders, Notes and Messages, which brought iMessage to the Mac for the first time; Notification Center alerted users to new emails, messages, software updates or calendar alerts; Dictation converted words into text; and a new Sharing button allowed the sharing of photos, videos, files and links with Mail, Messages and AirDrop.

Finally, Gatekeeper helped protect users from downloading and installing malicious software to their Macs by only permitting users to install apps from the Mac App Store and other identified developers. It replaced its big cat naming convention with places in Apple's home state of California; thus Mavericks was named after a popular surfing spot.

For the first time ever, Mac users could update to the latest Mac OS for free. To match the design overhaul of iOS 7 , OS X Yosemite discarded the skeumorphic interface it had used for over 10 years. The update included a flat graphic design, blurred translucence effects, a two-dimensional Dock that iterated the one used in Tiger , updated icons, light and dark color schemes, and the first time ever replacement of the default system typeface from Lucida Grande to Helvetica Neue.

With Continuity , Macs could now receive and make calls from an iPhone on the same Wifi network. I also assume that if I needed to reinstall Lion from a recovery partition which is already set up on a computer running Lion, then I would be able to do that, but I have not tested that theory.

If you purchased Lion from the Mac App Store but no longer have a copy of the installer app, you should be able to use someone else's Lion installer, i.

I seem to recall that the installer connects to some computer at Apple. The Mountain Lion installer will eventually be removed from the Mac App Store, and users who cannot or prefer not to upgrade will not be able to download it again without contacting Apple, and possibly having to pay for it again.

If you don't already have the installer downloaded, I recommend getting it now and saving it somewhere safe. In fact, it would be a good idea to save a copy of it on your hard drive, and make a USB installer as well.

It is an online multiplayer social-gaming network, and allows users to invite friends to play a game, start a multiplayer game through matchmaking, track their achievements, and compare their high scores on a leader board. Players can earn points by meeting specific in-game challenges. Only one nickname may be associated with an Apple ID at any given time.

A profile consists of the player's nickname, the number of Game Center-compatible games the player owns, the number of friends the player has, the number of achievement points a player has, and an optional photo and player-defined status. The Chess app supports Game Center. Dashboard widgets can be managed in a UI similar to Launchpad. Reminders is a new to-do list application, separate from Calendar in its own application that syncs along with its iOS counterpart.

The address bar also has a "Reader" button, showing the user just the text of the article without advertisements and distraction. When the user is on a website with no article, the button is disabled.

Time Machine is able to do rotating backups on more than one storage medium. Some of the features include single-sign on and integration in Notification Center, Contacts and Share Sheets.

Several new screensavers were added. The iCloud library User interface UI was integrated throughout the operating systems, which includes new Open and Save dialog boxes across built-in applications, iWork and third-party applications via an Application programming interface API. Applications that make use of this API support a new user interface to view and manage documents in the cloud that are specific to the application being used.

The full screen ability is on every display. Finder displays a progress bar in the "size" column when copying a file, and on icons in Launchpad when downloading from the Mac App Store. Launchpad has Spotlight search for finding applications. Apache is still included with the operating system and can be enabled using third-party software.

Instead, the only option is to display battery "Percentage". However, battery time can still be viewed in the dropdown by clicking on the battery icon.

OS X Mountain Lion

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