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Illustrator CS3 offers deeper integration with Flash, mobile, and video workflows as well as faster performance overall. Its Live Color feature lets you color in objects and change the color theme of a file in one swoop, far easier than in the past. Drawing enhancements include the ability to edit paths and align points the same way objects are aligned. A new Control Panel adds controls for anchor points, selection tools, clipping masks, and so on. Flash now allows you to copy motion from one object to another.

Interface components are based on ActionScript 3, which is moving toward an open standard and will eventually be integrated with Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox. Flash also gets a pen tool for creating quick vector graphics so you don't have to open Illustrator to make sketches. Adobe packs Spry widgets within Dreamweaver, so artists will be able to use preset CSS components rather than building them from scratch. Adobe also aimed to speed up the performance and improve the work space customization of Bridge media management software, which has a new loupe tool as well as an N-up display option.

And Acrobat Connect Web conferencing can put creative teams on the same page at the same time. For now, Photoshop CS3 beta is available free for download ; it has a two-day timeout, which you can extend with a valid Photoshop CS serial number. We'll report back with rated reviews once we test the final editions of the various applications. Acrobat 8 Professional Acrobat is a powerful application that allows you to create and edit documents in the popular Portable Document Format PDF file format.

PDF files appear the same when they are displayed on any computer screen or printed, so they are an ideal way to electronically distribute media where proper page layout and presentation are imperative. This is a great way to create electronic user manuals, brochures, forms or memos. Flash CS3 Professional Flash is a development suite that is used to create Flash animations, videos and applications. Flash is the industry-standard file format for multimedia web and mobile content delivery.

Flash is an essential tool for multimedia web development. The software features tools that help you better develop "best practices" web sites that are compliant with web standards. Dreamweaver seamlessly integrates with Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator, making it a crucial component for a powerfully streamlined web development workflow.

Fireworks CS3 Fireworks is a software program that is designed to be used for creating rough prototype versions of web sites and interfaces. The software lets you create, edit and optimize vector and bitmap images for use on the web.

This is an excellent tool for graphic designers to use to present web interfaces to clients and web developers. Device emulators will show you exactly what your project will look like on a specific mobile device, going so far as to emulate its processing power and memory. You'll be able to control the application using a clickable interface that reproduces buttons and controls on emulated device.

The included library of devices is limited to those that support Flash Lite. Table of Contents.



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