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While ML, NLP and PG have already been accessible as API libraries in big data, the new shift will include widespread applications of these technologies in IT tools that support applications, real-time analytics and data science. - Oracle More jobs will be changed by AI than ever before and the "Data Jedis" will become the most sought after employees: Machine learninghuman insights will infiltrate new industries including healthcare and security and employees will need to adapt to providing a different service or get left behind in 2016.

While web developers were the previous heavy weights in the tech universe, "Data Jedis," aka those that can translate and manage Big Data, will be the ones wielding light sabers in 2016.

- Matt Bencke, CEO of Spare5 Artificial intelligence Machine Learning will come to the fore. Artificial intelligence is a vital part of the fight against fraud to help handle the vast quantity of transactions going through online systems. Machine learning technology, supported by data science, helps to intelligent link transactions, giving the clearest possible picture of an organization's online fraud problem, which can then be interpreted and prevented by empowered fraud managers.

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