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If it doesn't support those, what else does it not support. And I completely agree with the local development discussion, I think it is an important issue that the OLPC lacks. I find these comments interesting to say the least. How can a machine that is useless (out of the box) to an adult be useful to a child.

I would expect the adult users for this gadget to spend some time hacking it. As they do autodesk sketchbook cost any smart phones Autodesk sketchbook cost, I just have a potential concern about some of the issues which I think are worthy of consideration when looking at the longterm use of the product.

I am not by any means saying that they necessarily make the product useless. And these issues would be applicable for whoever was using the product, although my interest would lie with children using it, as I'm not convinced that the design is really something that would take off with adults (for a start, a man's hands would probably find it uncomfortable using the tiny keypad for any period of time, and someone my parents age may well have trouble reading the tiny screen…) I use the term "useless" figuratively.

Experience with technology has shown that if autodesk sketchbook cost product is not "user friendly" out of the box, it will not make any impact in the market. These kids will definately not be typing unix "instal" instructions from the command prompt or anything like that.

Bottom line is that if we accept that autodesk sketchbook cost machine is what we can get, as is, then the most productive use for it would be to try it on different "users" and purposes until we get the best fit. For olpc this is not an option. On the keypads (touch-screen input?)and tiny screen, the standard for me is still autodesk sketchbook cost mobile phone. sometimes is gets too defeaning to be an active and politically astitute, well-travelled African. sometimes the Africans themselves encourage this abuse of themselves…in my experience, sometimes Africans in fact sabottage advocacy for the better of our lives and places…i know this from my experience in uganda…particularly if you've lived away and return to visit or live, and autodesk sketchbook cost to share with people what you have learned about our mis-education of ourselves…so it's tough but obviously, we autodesk sketchbook cost that no about of aid can save anybody…i walk around uganda now and wonder, where is all this aid raised for uganda going.

what are all these international experts and international orgs doing here. because all is see is people's resilience that makes them survive…not aid as talked about…in fact the aid i see is SUV driven around by the 'bringers of aid' I think the problem is that to be successful a product has to have a specific target user, in this case children. If a product is well designed it should know who its 'best fit' users are before it is even developed.

The issue with the OLPC is that it was not about the laptop, but about the education, so I guess it could be argued that really it was purposely not autodesk sketchbook cost to be used in other ways (not that I am really saying I autodesk sketchbook cost with the idea behind it…) As a west-initiated and funded project autodesk sketchbook cost OPLC is bound to generate autodesk sketchbook cost and inputs from the so-called experts, well, just like almost any issue relating to Africa with.


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