AutoCAD Architecture 2009 Product Update 1 64-Bit

If you have. NET code that worked with older versions you need to recompile. Readme Installation Do not attempt to install the product by double clicking on the application's MSI file, as the software will not be installed properly.

Instead, use the Setup executable. If AutoCAD Architecture is installed on a network that uses roaming profiles, you may receive an error message on logoff when the computer is synchronizing the user account to the server. While synchronizing the user data folder to the server you may get an error message saying: Files of this type cannot be made available offline.

The warning can be safely ignored. If the product is installed with Shared Configurable Folders on a machine running Vista that is bound to a different domain than the Shared location, the uninstall may halt when it tries to establish access to them. This error can be resolved by disabling the User Account Control. Please refer to Microsoft Help for directions on making this change.

After performing a reinstall on an existing installation of AutoCAD Architecture , the Express Tools pulldown menu may not be visible.

The menu file itself should still be loaded, in which case the command Expressmenu will restore the pulldown menu. The improvement will be especially noticeable when the application is configured and installed with shared folders on a network drive for details, styles, templates, etc. Rollover Tooltips When AutoCAD Architecture is installed on a bit operating system, the mouse cursor may hesitate and become "sticky" when hovering or rolling over detail components.

This behavior can be eliminated by turning off the rollover tooltips for detail components: Type CUI at the command line. Uncheck the three properties listed. Type, Layer, and Component Information 5. Select to remove the object from the Object Type List in the task dialog when it is presented. Rollover tooltips will still be available for Detail Components but they will only report AutoCAD entity information e. To re-enable the Detail Component specific data, reverse the steps, edit the Object Type List, include Detail Components, and check the three properties listed.

This delay only occurs the first time the action is performed during a session. To ensure proper scaling, set the current annotation scale to 1: When opening a drawing that uses this value in a previous release, the LtScale will need to be manually set to maintain linetype scale visual fidelity. It is not possible to summon the Dimension Style Manager dialog via the Display Properties dialog if the Display Properties dialog was accessed using the Display tab of the Properties Palette.

Instead, to access the Dimension Style manager, select Dimension Style from the Format pulldown menu. Using the Apply Component Override or Modify Component Override grip s while editing component dimension points within walls may add a new component dimension point instead of moving the existing component dimension point.

If this occurs, remove the unwanted component dimension point by clicking the associated Remove Extension Line grip. When post linking views to sheets wait a few seconds before moving the mouse from the drawing editor to project navigator.

Otherwise the post link may not complete. Overlaying an xref using project navigator when the xref is already present but unloaded will result in multiple xref insertions and consequently overlapping geometries. If a drawing shows defect markers even though the geometry seems correct, check to see if multiple copies of the same xref are present; if they are, delete them. Note that duplicate xrefs aren't displayed in the xref manager. Instead, use quick select to select external references and verify in the property palette that the correct number of xrefs is present.

AutoCAD Architecture may crash after selecting a visual style or a named view from 3D orbit with the ribbon open. To avoid this, close the ribbon or exit 3D orbit mode first.

The application may crash if the mouse wheel is used to pan shortly after the SteeringWheel control is used to enter orbit mode.

To reduce the likelihood of this happening, pan before entering orbit mode, or pan more slowly. Spaces The graphics for previewing a generated space may occasionally be incorrect for highly complex geometries. However, the space will still be generated correctly. Style Manager If AutoCAD Architecture is installed on a PC running bit Windows Vista with an Nvidia graphics card, the style manager's embedded viewer may not update correctly after the style manager dialog is resized.

However the viewer will be sized correctly after the style manager is dismissed and relaunched. Do not use the filter button in the design rules tab for display theme styles when AutoCAD Architecture is installed on bit Windows Vista, or the tab will be visually corrupted.

This limitation is not present if the DisplayThemeStyleEdit command is used instead. The Publish command available in the File menu and at the commandline will publish Sample Project sheets in color. This behavior is not present in other projects. Spaces Generate Spaces Spaces created with the Space Generate tool will be associative, whether or not the Associative property is set to No in the tool. The space can be set as non-associative after its creation via the properties palette.

Calculation Standard The boundary offset for curtain walls will be generated according to the following rules: The net, usable and gross boundaries will be generated as one segment, offset to the base boundary of the curtain wall. In order to produce the correct offset results, the boundaries may need to be manually offset to the preferred location. The boundaries for net, usable and gross area may not be offset correctly for curtain walls which reference a base curve.

When spaces are generated using a calculation standard, the boundaries for usable and gross area may not be offset correctly for walls with sweeps. To resolve this, use the manual offset boundary type and manually edit the boundaries to the correct location. SIS Standard: The usable offset boundary may fail to offset correctly when a column or mass element is located in the corner of a wall connection.

To work around this issue, use the manual offset boundary type and manually edit the boundaries to the correct location. Legacy datasets When drawings from previous versions are opened, spaces may disappear or display a solution tip after the 'Automatically update associative spaces' setting is enabled in the Options dialog. This may happen for spaces that have been generated from collinear surfaces.

Then enable the 'Automatically update associative spaces' setting in the Options dialog. This can usually be fixed by invoking ObjRelUpdate. If this does not work, closing and reopening the drawing will always correct the cleanup. A cleanup error can occur when a short wall segment lies within the cleanup radius of another wall.

After reducing the cleanup radius, run "ObjRelUpdate" to see updated cleanup results. Endcaps Wall endcap linework may become visible when walls on different elevations cleanup at a corner. Disabling the wall's Below Cut Plane or in some cases, the Above Cut Plane display component visibility will remove these artifacts.

User Interface Using the options dialog to switch profiles may cause unwanted UI changes such as the elimination of the Quick Access Toolbar. If this becomes a common issue, switch profiles by exiting the application and restarting it with the appropriate command or shortcut instead. The UI can be restored to its proper state by invoking the CUI command and setting one of the workspaces current. Using the options dialog to switch to a different profile may cause toolbars and pulldown menus to load incorrectly if the profile was not previously used.

To avoid this, launch each desktop shortcut once immediately following installation. The Quick Access Toolbar may fail to load correctly if AutoCAD Architecture is configured to use network licensing and the network is temporarily unavailable during application startup forcing a second launch attempt.

Do not attempt to reset a profile that is set current, or the profile may become corrupted causing the application to behave unexpectedly. To restore the profile to a usable state, set another profile current and reset the first profile again. Enter the command CUI to invoke the customize user interface dialog. In the left hand pane, expand the Ribbon Tabs and Ribbon Panels nodes.

Drag the action recorder panel from the Ribbon Panels node to one of the tab nodes under Ribbon Tabs e. OK to accept changes in the CUI dialog. At this point, the Action Recorder should be present in the ribbon.

To prevent error messages from displaying, open the Construct as a drawing outside of Project Navigator before running Export to gbXML. Tapered Interior walls for Non-Associative adjacent spaces export to gbxml as Exterior walls. To prevent this from happening, create the Spaces so that the sides of the adjacent spaces are parallel to each other.

Export to gbXML does not support openings on curved non-associative freeform spaces. IFC Export does not use the current display when exporting the file. To verify the visibility of an object, open the Display Manager and browse Sets and Representations by Object. Both wall and slab objects that have overlapping components will be exported without their named components.

The components are combined into one called "Unnamed. Keynotes Cells in a Sheet Keynote Legend containing sheet keynote blocks may become invalid after using the Block Editor or the Block command to change to one of the block definitions. To correct this problem, save and reopen the drawing. Care must be exercised when updating keynote legends that exist in previous version drawings. If the keynote database that was used to create the Legend is not present when the legend is updated, all data in the legend will change to pound symbols.

To repair this, load the previous version database in the Aec Content tab of the Options dialog, and then update the legend again. The keynotes will be restored. For the Metric profile, the Keynoting tools on the Annotation Sample Palette are not set up to utilize Multileader functionality.

Use the following steps create new Keynoting tools that use Multileaders: The Imperial profile must be installed. The profile can be removed once the tools have been accessed.

Run ACA from the Metric profile.

Autocad Architecture 2009 64 bit

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