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As at March the page shown above generates a fully functional key for your individual computer. Whilst the activation page looked to be the answer, it did not recognise Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 serial number long string of characters given to me from the popup in Premiere Elements. It simply reported "Error: Activation code successfully shown blanked out here A typical 'cri de coeur' for software that people think can't now be used, but which can Finally, if you've arrived at this page, desperately searching for solutions to related problems, these pages might also be of some interest: So, I spent some time Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 serial number my first 15 minute video sequence and familiarising myself with some of the changes, only to then encounter a total inability to save it in anything other than AVI format. Now retired and going uphill as well as downhill. Neither saving as MPG nor H. Leave a comment to tell me and others how you get on, and whether you found this useful! This is on top of the original serial number needed on first install. Component Activation window in Premiere Elements 7. Invalid Encoder Product ID. I was a natural sciences curator at Derby Museums and Art Gallery for over 25 years. Moyes Noise Naturalist, mountaineer, photographer, computing, social media, peregrines, Derbyshire botany, biological recording, public speaking, Wikipedian. You then just paste this back into the Premiere popup and click 'OK'.

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Jun 22,  · My computer crashed and I am trying to install Photoshop Elements 10 on my new laptop. I lost the serial number and it does not appear on my adobe account. The software also came with Premiere Elements and is a student and teacher edition. The Premiere Elements serial number does appear, but it does not work for Photoshop. Photoshop Elements 10 not accepting serial number on installation raffaelec Aug 24, assuming you're using a valid adobe serial number (6 groups of 4 numbers), you have a mismatch between your installation file and serial number. ie, you can have a valid serial number, but if it's for program A and your installation file is for. I've purchased every version of Photoshop Elements and they had the serial number on the back of the white DVD cover. BUT I also helped several customers to install the Photoshop Elements, where the instructions card instructs you to exchange the number listed for a serial number, just like you mention.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 serial number

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