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Edit Crop, straighten, stitch and scale Improve composition by cropping images, or correct crooked photos interactively with the Straighten tool. Corel painter cost Smart Carver to edit without distorting content, and stitch images together to create a single, large image. Correct distortion Use the interactive Perspective Correction tool to adjust the perspective corel painter cost buildings, landmarks, or objects in photos. You can corel painter cost easily remove pincushion and barrel distortions introduced by your camera lens.

Retouch Remove unwanted areas and imperfections Use the Smart Carver to paint over an area and eliminate unwanted photo elements. Try the Healing Clone tool to remove imperfections, or the Red-Eye Removal tool to eliminate red pixels from eyes. Sharpen, blend and blur Reveal image details with sharpening filters, effects and brushstrokes. Remove artifacts and noise using the Smart Blur filter, and soften transitions between colors or hard edges with blend, smear and smudge tools.

Adjust Correct color and tone Open the Image Adjustment Lab to correct color balance and tone issues. Adjust temperature, tint, saturation, brightness, and contrast corel painter cost or automatically.

You can also use a histogram to adjust tone interactively, or make changes to color channels directly. Use adjustment filters for greater control Filters offer greater control over the image correction process and allow adjustments to color and corel painter cost. Apply a filter to an entire image, an object layer, or an editable area of an image. Composite Work with Objects Increase your image editing capabilities by using Objects, which are independent image elements layered on top of one another.

Edit Objects without affecting other objects or the background of an image. Use Clip masks Adjust the properties of a group of objects without modifying the objects within the group by creating a clip mask.

For example, you can adjust the transparency levels for the whole group without altering the pixels of the individual objects. Mask Isolate image areas Mask tools let you select around parts of your image you want to modify.

Edit and adjust specific areas of your image without affecting the rest of your photo. Cut out images Use mask tools to cut and paste regions of your image, as well as apply transformations, like rotate, mirror, scale and more.

Or try the Cutout Lab to remove image areas from the background while preserving edge detail. Transform photos into to drawings, paintings, corel painter cost, abstract art, and more. Add text to images Add text to corel painter cost and create interesting text effects. Fitting text to a path lets you place text along an uneven line for compelling compositions. Fill text with textures, patterns and more.

Paint and draw Paint Apply brushstrokes to images that imitate watercolors, felt markers, corel painter cost more. Or paint with bitmaps using the Image Sprayer tool. Use a pen or stylus to vary the brushstroke appearance with pressure, tilt, corel painter cost, and rotation. Draw, color and fill Create corel painter cost modify images with a variety of drawing, color and fill tools.

Fill objects, editable areas, and images with colors, patterns, and textures. Use industry-standard color palettes, color mixers, and color models.

Create breathtaking images with a broader tonal range. Get images web ready Find all the right tools to create images for the web. Choose a web preset for common web image sizes, then optimize and export.

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