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Instead, you can only access these services with an Internet connection. You also have to have a Microsoft account. You can get to Office Online by signing in with your Microsoft account here. Plus, since everything is Internet-based, you can access it from any computer connected to the web.

Microsoft recently announced it's consolidating Word, Excel and PowerPoint into a single mobile app on both Android and iOS smartphones a tablet version is en route, no release date yet.

You can access the Android public preview here , but the iOS public preview is already full. Microsoft However, Office Online may not be a good fit for your largest or most complex projects, since features are more limited than what's offered in Office It has less menu options, with tabs like Draw and Design removed from Word online, for example. Buying Office From Microsoft: Perhaps the best part is you can install Office on an unlimited number of devices and log into your subscription on up to 5 of those devices simultaneously.

Additionally, Office Personal subscribers get 1TB of OneDrive storage for up to 1 user, and Office Home users can share their cloud storage with 6 users. You also get 60 minutes of Skype calls to real phone numbers for 1 or 6 users, depending if you get Office Home or Personal. Buy Office From a Third-Party: And you still get Microsoft support throughout your subscription term.

You still get free Microsoft technical support for the duration of your subscription, even if you buy your subscription outside of Microsoft. Office Education: Do lots of people buy personal versions and then work on their business anyway? Lots of us work from home and have side projects. Is this allowed on personal office plans? Honestly, I have no idea.

This is a vestige of the old Microsoft Office days when work was clearly split between home and office environments. Now that work has moved to the cloud and we can work from anywhere, all the lines have been blurred. Thankfully, this is a non-issue for the most part.

We have an in-depth article that breaks down the difference between them here. The Office plans do have one major weakness though. Every time I go back to the Office business pricing, I think to myself: It makes no sense. When sitting up an office suite for your company, you also want to set up your company email.

G Suite pioneered this by bundling the Google Doc apps with Gmail. Giving a new person at your company an office suite and company email at the same time removes a ton of headaches. Unfortunately, only the lowest and most expensive Office business plans include company email. The middle plan does not. Does have company email. Another hurdle to watch out for: In other words, the only upgrade path is to go from Business Essentials to Business Premium which will more than double your monthly bill.

The only way around this is to manage email yourself, typically through your web host. Office does have some legitimate strengths of G Suite, mostly around the power of their apps. Excel runs circles around Google Sheets. But the lack of company email in the Office Business plan makes the purchase decision more complicated.

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